Ours is the FIRST-EVER, exclusive Jewelry line to embody the heart and soul of the most romantic island--where time has stood still. Mackinac Memories Jewelry is the perfect gift, and the perfect keepsake to remind you of all your precious Mackinac Memories.

Delicate-looking but remarkably strong, and made by a long-established jewelry maker in San Francisco, USA, you will be delighted with the quality of our pieces--and come back for more!

Perfect as gifts for your Mackinac Wedding party! Sentimental for everyone you know who has ever been to Mackinac...Symbols and settings that immediately bring back the sights and sounds and even smells of Mackinac!!!

All pieces come in either Gold Plate or Rhodium Plate (silver-colored). You choose. Rhodium is a fine metal, better than silver (bright white silver, and never tarnishes! It is sold by the ounce and is used to plate platinum.)

Our Mackinac Memories Jewelry is top quality, planished (hand-hammered) for light reflection for a brilliant sparkle. You’ll never need to polish the jewelry--it will stay bright and shiny for years and years. Clean with soap and water and a soft cloth. All links are soldered. All pieces come on our pretty lilac cards with gold foil touches.

Be sure to see the popular Somewhere in Time Jewelry too! Wonderful pieces depicting the Most Romantic Love Story Ever Filmed (on Mackinac)!